News Release

PBBM calls on PNP to continue serving with integrity, accountability

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Monday urged the Philippine National Police (PNP) to continue serving the public with integrity and not allow dishonesty and abuse to influence their work.

“Let us continue to conduct our business with utmost integrity and accountability, and let us not allow even a hint of dishonesty and abuse to enter into that narrative,” Marcos said in a speech at the 121st Police Service anniversary celebration in Camp Crame.

Calling the PNP “vanguards of peace,” Marcos said police service in nation-building is the most fundamental prerequisite upon which a healthy future must be firmly anchored.

“Being the uniformed officers that you are, your role in the preservation of peace and order is pivotal in the outcome of this administration’s carefully crafted masterplan to bring about meaningful changes in the lives of many, if not all Filipinos,” said Marcos.

He also reminded the PNP that the use of force must always be “reasonable, justifiable, and only undertaken when necessary.”

“Execution of authority must be fair, it must be impartial, it must be devoid of favoritism or discrimination regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, political affiliation, religious belief, and the like,” said Marcos.

The President said only then can the PNP effectively sustain with great respect and wide support the authority it possesses.

In his speech, the chief executive also encouraged the police force to support the PNP leadership under newly-appointed PNP chief Police Lt. Gen. Rodolfo Azurin Jr.

“Chief PNP General Azurin’s able governance will serve as the impetus that would further develop and strengthen the PNP in its resolve to promote goodwill and harmony in the heart of our motherland,” the chief executive said.

Marcos praised Azurin, calling him the “right leader” for the police force.

“I am confident that we have chosen the right leader in his person to head the PNP so that it continues to evolve, continues to grow, and to develop into a well-balanced institution — effective and capable of steadfastly rendering faithful service to our sovereign nation and all its citizenry,” said Marcos.

While obstacles lie ahead, the President said he is confident the police force will come out stronger given its “strong sense of patriotism and love of country, your bravery and firm commitment to serve.”

“The obstacles in front of you will be difficult. Let us not try to say that they will not. They might be overwhelming at times. They will put your resolve and patience to the test,” said Marcos.

“These attacks, warranted or not, unfortunately will be relentless. But I know that you are made of sterner stuff. Your strong sense of patriotism and love of country, your bravery and firm commitment to serve, and with the solid support of the vast majority, there is no doubt in my mind that we will overcome and triumph in the end despite all odds.” | PND